Day Camp Rates 


Weekly: (Per day)

Full Day (6+ hours)

1 dog:  $28 (without pick up/drop off)

1 dog:  $30 (with pick up/drop off)**

2 dogs: $55

$10 per additional dog

Prepaid Packages:  Prepaid on or before the first day of services Charged to credit card on file.

Full Day Camp rates include PU/DO daily** (Discount for owner drop off/pick up)

1 dog:    $270 - 10 Day Package

2 dogs:  $500 - 10 Day Package

3 dogs:  $690 - 10 Day Package

1 dog:    $500 - 20 Day Package

2 dogs:  $920 - 20 Day Package

3 dogs:  $1,260 - 20 Day Package

*Prepaid daycare packages expire one year from date of purchase and must be used within this time.  Daycare packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

**Please contact office for pick area details.

***Important Note:

  • Dogs are pack animals and play with teeth and paws. Therefore, even under supervision, nicks and scrapes can occur. In the event of a serious injury, we will contact you immediately. If the injury is minor, we will advise you at the time of departure.

  • Client is fully and solely responsible for all harm and damages caused by and to a pet while at PawTenders, LLC and holds PawTenders, LLC  harmless against any & all claims or costs, including attorney’ s fees, made against them based on injury or damages caused by any dog while in their care, and/or others that accompany a person(s) onto the premises.

  • Any problems that develop a pet will be treated immediately as the staff at PawTenders, LLC deems best, and owner assumes full responsibility for any and all expenses. If a pet becomes ill or harmed, PawTenders, LLC, will transport my animal to Hillside Veterinary Clinic, unless otherwise instructed.