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Overnight Bed & Biscuit Per Night Rates:*


Small/Med (25 lbs and under)

1 dog - $40

Med/MedLg (25-55 lbs)

1 dog - $50

Large/XLg (55-85)

1 dog - $60

XXLg (85+)

1 dog - $65


Additional Dogs*

2 Dogs - 10-15% off total

3 Dogs - 15-20% off total

4 Dogs - 20-25% off total

5+ Dogs - Call for estimate

*Family rates vary depending on sizes and if sharing/not sharing rooms.

Overnight stays include:*

Community sleeping rooms if your dog's temperament allows.

Large 3X4 individual spaces for larger dogs.

Large 5X6 suites for families.

Small 3X3 individual spaces for smaller dogs.

Day play included with all overnight stays.

Nap time and cuddle time with staff.

Team member on sight with overnight pups.

*Prices are subject to change with out notice.

**Important Note:

  • Dogs are pack animals and play with teeth and paws. Therefore, even under supervision, nicks and scrapes can occur. In the event of a serious injury, we will contact you immediately. If the injury is minor, we will advise you at the time of departure.

  • Client is fully and solely responsible for all harm and damages caused by and to a pet while at PawTenders, LLC and holds PawTenders, LLC  harmless against any & all claims or costs, including attorney’ s fees, made against them based on injury or damages caused by any dog while in their care, and/or others that accompany a person(s) onto the premises.

  • Any problems that develop a pet will be treated immediately as the staff at PawTenders, LLC deems best, and owner assumes full responsibility for any and all expenses. If a pet becomes ill or harmed, PawTenders, LLC, will transport my animal to Hillside Veterinary Clinic, unless otherwise instructed.

**PawTenders now charges a 1.75% Credit Card Svs Charge for all credit card transactions due to the increase in Credit Card Processing Fees.

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